31-Day “Pray for Them” Challenge

Today is August 1st and this month I will be doing a 31-Day Pray for Them Challenge. The purpose of this challenge is to pray for a specific person consistently, believing that God makes a way in his or her life. I believe with everything in me that prayer works. There have been many times … Continue reading 31-Day “Pray for Them” Challenge

Regaining Control of Your Thought Life

You. are. beautiful. You. are. phenomenal. You. are. enough. No one else can take that away from you....but you. Haters will hate. Loved ones might hit you with low blows when they're angry. Friends will sit you down and tell you the cold hard truth about yourself. Enemies might say some pretty harsh things and … Continue reading Regaining Control of Your Thought Life

Good Men Do Exist: A prayer for them

Often we hear people say things like "good men don't exist," "all the good ones are taken," or "n*ggas ain't sh*t". Well, I'm here today to acknowledge the fact that they do exist and sometimes they may need to be uplifted. This post was inspired by three young men who have been on my heart … Continue reading Good Men Do Exist: A prayer for them