Internal Battles

What's holding you back? I don't mean what external factors are keeping you from progressing. I'm not talking about the financial barriers, the lack of time, or the attitudes of others that may slow you down. Our circumstances change, people come and go, we have winning seasons, and we suffer losses, too. Because our circumstances … Continue reading Internal Battles

Holistic Wellness

You are important. Your health is important. When we talk about health, we are not just referring to your physical well-being. Yes, your physical health is essential to your overall wellness, but your mental, emotional, and spiritual health all matter, too. These different aspects of our being are all interconnected. Picture this: Life has you … Continue reading Holistic Wellness

Making “Me-Time” Mandatory: A reminder to take care of yourself

As we move into the Fall, it's definitely that time of year when things get hectic. Whether you're a student, a parent whose kids are in school, or work with students in any capacity, you know exactly what I'm referring to. For the past week, I've been extremely overwhelmed. I work at a university, so … Continue reading Making “Me-Time” Mandatory: A reminder to take care of yourself