Queen, You Are Worth More Than Words Can Express

You are a Queen and deserve to be treated as such. Never let anyone tell you different.♡♕ My heart is stirred this week. I've encountered so many women who are struggling to see their value - myself included. This is never a topic that comes up in casual conversation. In fact, it's rare to actually … Continue reading Queen, You Are Worth More Than Words Can Express

Healing Hurts (but it’s worth it)

When you're hurting, the advice is to "give it time". Time heals all wounds, right? What no one tells you is that time alone isn't enough. Healing has to be intentional. They also don't tell you that healing is not easy. It hurts. For those of you who can wake up one day, truly unbothered … Continue reading Healing Hurts (but it’s worth it)

Healing vs. Coping

"Coping is DEALING with an issue, Healing is working THROUGH it. Coping is the reliance on short term fixes while healing is the reliance on long term actions that bring permanent wholeness. Are you healing or are you coping?"LaShawntelle Carson-Pops, Founder of REVIVE Mental Health Organization Inc. Life is hard at times. We face challenges … Continue reading Healing vs. Coping