I’m just a 20-something year old “adult” trying to navigate this thing called life. I have a Bachelors of Psychology from Grand Valley State University (I am a Laker for a Lifetime!) and a Master of Social Work from Wayne State University. While I am not yet sure exactly how I’ll use my degree, I do know that my goal is to use my skills and experiences to encourage others. That is the primary aim of this blog.

Somewhere Struggling was created on January 4, 2016 with a purpose of allowing my transparency to uplift and inspire others. I am young and I don’t have it all figured out. I, myself, read the blogs of others to gain a bit of insight on situations that I haven’t yet encountered. While I know that experience is the best teacher, I also believe that learning from the mistakes of others is a wise move. As I continue to grow and learn, it is my hope that others will find my posts to be meaningful and encouraging.

Finally, but most important, I have to give all of the glory to God. As I journey through my days, I try to keep Jesus at the center of everything I do. The reason I am able to be transparent is because, as my Pastor likes to say, a testimony isn’t a testimony until we talk about the test. I need God to guide me and carry me through all of these worldly situations. Sometimes I fall short, as we all do, but this blog is here to say “get back up”. Somewhere Struggling is meant to be a bridge between the world and the spirit.

Jourdan Janae
Smile 🙂

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