Testimony: He Has Our Backs!

What. A. Day! Today was extremely chaotic, but now that it has started to die down, I am in awe of God’s grace. I’d like to take a moment to share with you all how He has had my back all day, even when most of these predicaments are one’s I put myself in.

To begin, I started my day off wrong by getting out of the bed late. This led me to rush and leave the house later than I was supposed to. I teach on campus at 10:30am, but my average commute on a weekday morning is 45 minutes (on a good day). While my goal was to leave at 8:45am, I didn’t manage to make it out of the door until 9:00am.

I made it around the corner and halfway down the road when I realized I had left something important at my apartment. “Turn around or make do without it?” I asked myself. I decided it would have been more stressful to be without, so I went back home to grab it. Now 9:15am, I’m praying I make it to campus by 10. I knew I’d still have to find parking and go pick something up from the office before heading off to teach. Unfortunately, I ran into two unexpected traffic jams – one in which was right at my exit from the freeway!

I finally make it to campus only to struggle finding parking. I fight for street parking every day because parking passes cost too much, but I usually have luck within 2 to 10 minutes when I’m not under pressure. I have a temporary handicap tag, but no handicap spots were open. I tried to squeeze into a tight space, but only ended up killing more time because I couldn’t fit. I tried to park in an pay-to-park lot that I was familiar with, but did not have anymore funds on my campus card that I would normally use to access the lot. I tried to park at a meter, but could find any open spots there either. It’s 10:10am at this point and I still had to walk across campus to grab copies before walking to the building my class is in. Now, feeling desperate, not only did I park in a no parking zone hoping the parking police wouldn’t notice, but I also parked close to a fired hydrant hoping I wasn’t too close. Worse case scenario I’d get a ticket that would cut into my bill money, but no worries – better than being late to my own class.

And about these copies – I had to ask one of my co-workers to print copies of my students homework assignment for me because I forgot I needed to do this last week. My schedule changed and I no longer work Mondays, so now all of my prep work has to be done the week before to avoid these situations. So I power walk to my office to drop off my lunch and grab the copies from my co-worker. The copies printed a bit weird, but at this point I was grateful to have them at all.

I finally make it to class, sweaty and haven’t eaten, only to realize the computer monitor was malfunctioning. 5 minutes until go-time and the scattered instructor can’t seem to get the screen to work properly. I start class without it and pray that one of my students is more technologically advanced than I am. I admit to them I had a rough morning, and luckily one of my students was able to fix the screen problem I was having. Things start to go a bit more smoothly until I couldn’t get their video to play. I go to YouTube and hope that I am able to find the correct video. First search attempt was a no-go. Then the person’s name that they reference in the video came to my mind from when I taught this course last Fall. Bingo! We’re back in action.

The rest of this class went smoothly and I was able to get through all of the material I needed to even though we ran into a few technological delays. But did I mention I teach two classes back to back? Lol.

Right before the start of my second class, I decided to check my work email. 21 unread emails since last night. Yikes. The first one was from one of my student employees who was not able to make it to work today because of an accident. 2 minutes before class starts and I’m trying to forward the email to my boss and student assistant so that they could get the situation taken care of. Just when I thought my day was going to calm down, I remembered that I was going to be here until 7pm and our program here on campus has been extremely busy these first few weeks.

Finished teaching, ran out to my car, and guess what!? 2.5 hours later and no ticket!! The parking police in Detroit don’t hesitate to pass out tickets, but today they bypassed me.

Showed up to my regular job and my boss and student assistant already had everything handled. Even though my student employee wasn’t able to make it, she’s safe and they were able to reassign her student to someone else who just so happened to be available.

Reflecting on the rest of the events of my morning, I realized the following:

I made it to work safely.

I made it to class on time with copies of my students homework assignment.

We were able to get the monitor working during my first class.

God reminded me of the person’s name for the video we needed to watch.

We made it through all of the material despite the hold ups.

All in all, despite the chaos, God had my back today on multiple occasions. I shouldn’t of gotten out the bed late and should have been prepared with copies last week, but His grace is sufficient! He really loves us so much! We worry and we stress, but God is literally watching out for us on every occasion. Even in the small things! It took me until about 30 minutes ago to recognize that He was in the midst of my hectic morning, but He really was. I could’ve been late, in an accident, without a computer screen, without help from my co-workers, or gotten a ticket today, but I didn’t. All I can say is He had my back and I don’t even deserve it! He really came through today!


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