Testimony: When Closed Doors OPEN

A little over a year ago I uprooted my life from the only place I’d ever known to move 2,000 miles to Texas. I felt like it was the best choice after college, but in order to get here quickly and effectively, I took a job that didn’t require a degree at all.  Day after day of starting this new job, I was told by various people that I needed to find something better – something that would pay my bills, etc, etc. Unfortunately, no jobs in my field were calling back. I prayed long and hard, asking God to place me where I needed to be. Where he wanted me to be. Shortly after, I began making life changing friendships at the job I already had. One friendship in particular even led me to the church I’ve joined. These are the people kept me going while I remained at that job.

Not too long after, I applied to a program I had learned about to get my certification in teaching. When I heard back from them, they told me I had been denied due to my GPA not meeting their criteria. Now, really lost and feeling like I had run out of options, I didn’t know what to do. Again, I prayed that God would just show me something, anything about what was meant for me. About 2 weeks later, I received a call from that same certification program telling me that they had adjusted their program criteria and that I now qualified to be accepted!

From then on, God laid every step to where I am now. He told me to continue working towards my certification and everything else would be taken care of. It wasn’t easy to continue working a job that barely made ends meet, but every single time I thought I’d be short or without, God provided. Many people couldn’t see why I stayed at that job when I could have left, but my response was always “God told me this is where I’m supposed to be, and if I just hold on, everything will come together.” 

7 months after beginning that certification program, I became a certified teacher in the state of Texas, but yet again, I found myself in a place of anxiety and discouragement. I had applied to many schools with no luck of even an interview. As the new school year neared, I was prepared to take the first job offered to me. It just so happen to come from the school I had been working at. At first I was excited. This was somewhere familiar, I’d have at least one friend there, and I wouldn’t have to “start over.” While it was great to finally have the weight of finding a job off of my shoulders, I didn’t feel at peace with this offer. That school was nearly a 40min drive to and from, a monthly expense not only for gas, but toll roads as well. I also didn’t know what subject I’d be teaching. On top of all that, and to be 100% honest, that school was the core of many unhappy moments I had during my first year in Texas. 

The next week after being offered the job at the school, I decided to attend a job fair that was hosted by the program I where I received my certification. I just wanted to check out what options were there. Plus, I had heard a lot about this event so why not? While there, I ran into someone from the school I was offered a position at. Let’s just say this was an awkward situation where I felt guilty for being at the job fair at all. After a trip to my car, feeling like I should just go home and be happy with the position I was initially offered, something told me “No, go back inside and talk to the people you came here for.”

Earlier in the year, I tried to get a position with a certain school district, but they didn’t have any openings at the time so I decided to just pray on it. That same school district just so happened to be at this job fair. As they were just packing up, I approached the table to ask one of the Assistant Principals about a position. He pointed to another principal who was holding an interview at the time and said “He’d be the one hiring for your position.” So I waited.

There I stood as he interviewed another candidate. I thought to myself “I’m probably too late.” Once it was my turn, I felt like the interview just flowed naturally and at the end of it the principal said “I think you’d be a great fit for our kids. I’m going to offer you a position right now.” Right there on the spot, I was hired! A district I literally prayed for months about working in. A school only 15min from home, no tolls unless I chose to take them, offering more money, and teaching a subject I love to top it all off! 

Last week was my very first week as an 8th grade English Language Arts & Reading teacher! This new adventure has had moments of feeling overwhelmed and a bit scared, but I’m always at peace. God has literally ordered my steps from the beginning of this journey. I have no reason to ever feel uneasy, because I know that He has already taken care of everything I need to fulfill this purpose He has for me. 


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