When God Came Through

How often do we question God? Act as though we don’t trust Him? Act as if He has never done a single good thing for us? How often do we go through our every day lives and never even stop to thank Him for even the small things He’s doing in those very moments? How often do we hear about how God went over and above for someone else and wonder why He hasn’t done the same for us? And how often do we hear the Bible stories of all of the miracles Jesus performed, yet still worry about the outcome of our futures?

See, our God of today is the same God He was back in those Biblical days. The same God who parted the Red Sea for Moses and gave David the ability to defeat Goliath is the same God who is still performing miracles, fighting battles, and providing encouragement to people every single day. The problem is that we tend to overlook and/or forget His faithfulness. I sometimes ask people to name one thing they’re grateful for that day and the most popular answer is “that I woke up today and have breath in my body”. That answer can genuinely mean they’re grateful for being alive, but more often than not, it says “I don’t know what else I’m grateful for”. I think it’s important that we start acknowledging God’s goodness even beyond that point.

You made it through the day without cussing out your co-workers – God gave you patience today. You didn’t know where your next meal was going to come from but your professor surprised everyone with a home cooked meal – God provided for you. You didn’t have any gas to get to your destination but your friend randomly called and asked if you wanted to car pool – God’s timing was perfect. You thought you were going to be late to work, but there ended up being no traffic on your route and that NEVER happens – God cleared the way. Maybe He gave you the strength to get out of bed this morning, again. Or maybe you were able to make someone else smile today even though you yourself have been feeling pretty low. Just because it may not have seemed like a huge moment doesn’t make it any less of a God Moment. And I believe the more we begin to look for Him in the midst of our everyday lives, the more we will begin to find and trust Him.

Speaking of trust, have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to rely on God, but you were feeling more discouraged than full of faith? It happens, but I think in those moments it is helpful to remember how faithful God has been to us thus far. I always tell myself I need to start writing down those moments when God blew my mind. Those moments when there was no other explanation but that God’s hand was on it. But I sometimes tend to put it off and never get around to actually making note of it in my journal. It is easy to say “oh yeah, I’ll remember this for sure. Nobody can tell me God’s not real”. But when life hits and discouragement sets in, it is so easy to forget those God Moments. The thing is, just because we are sometimes blinded by fear, anxiety, disappointment, discouragement, anger, hopelessness, resentment and other negative emotions, it doesn’t make God any less faithful. In those situations, I can hear Him saying “Fear not, I got it. Haven’t I always taken care of things? Maybe not in accordance with your timeline or in the way you hoped, but in my own way and my own time, I’ve carried you through and I will continue to carry you through. Don’t worry.” And when we dive deeper into His word, we see that He really does express these same sentiments over and over.

When God Came Through is a new section of my blog where I’ll be posting some of my testimonies along with those of others. I often see God moving on behalf of my friends and family, and with their permission, I’d love to share those with you all as well. Hearing the testimonies of others has strengthened my faith just as much as seeing God come through on my own behalf. I hope you have a similar experience. I’ll be posting all sorts of real examples – the big news and the small joys; the long emotional stories and the short, sweet encounters; the coming to Jesus testimonies and the every day reasons to be grateful. God is God and there is power and encouragement in all of it. Let us not forget His continuous goodness.

P.s the first post will be coming to you soon. Be Encouraged ❤

4 thoughts on “When God Came Through

  1. Lutonia says:

    I can’t wait!🥰😍👍 I Love encouraging testimonials. You have my permission to use anything about me if there is anything that helps you.😇

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  2. Life is the best coach says:

    It’s absolutely true in what you said about forgetting about God Moments. I was always sure I will never forget, but I forgot. I linked all these small and big miracles to a coincidence, fate or luck. I think I need to start writing down these moments as you recommended it. So that they encourage me in hopeless times. Thank you!

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