Journey to 5k: Week 5

Journey to 5K (2)

I’m super excited to tell you all about this past week! I am closer to my goals than ever. If you missed my first post which included details about the first 4 weeks of my Journey to 5k, you can read that here.

I ran three times earlier this past week. I haven’t ran since Wednesday, but for good reason. I increased my strength training, and my legs have been too sore to function for the past three days. On the plus side, the runs I did have were successes! As I mentioned in my last post, I felt like I needed to spend more time running two minute increments before increasing to three minutes. Here are the stats:

week 5 stats

My Sunday run was far better than any of my previous runs. I continued to run two minutes and walked two minutes, six times through as I was doing last week. I felt pretty good after that run, but still not quite ready to increase my running duration.

On Monday, I intended to get up and run in the morning before work, but I let my exhaustion get the best of me. Instead, I ran after work. I did the same routine, but this time I still had a bit of energy left in me at the end of each two-minute interval.

On Wednesday, I finally increased my running time, but wasn’t confident that I would be able to run the full three minutes. I decided to push myself for 2.5 minutes and to my surprise, I regretted it! I wished I had set my timer to 3 minutes because as I was running, I knew I could have made it! I use the Runtastic Timer app which allows you to set how long you want to warm-up, run, walk and how many times you want to repeat the walk/run cycle. If you edit it in the middle of the workout, it will start the timer over. Instead of fidgeting with my gadgets, I decided to just focus on my workout and look forward to pushing myself further next time. I like using the timer, because I push myself harder than I would if I just ran until I was tired and walked until I felt like running again. The timer and the Everyday Health training plan help keep me progressing and disciplined.

I think my running progress this week may have something to do with slight changes in my diet, focusing more on how to breathe while I run (which is actually more difficult than I thought it would be), and simply getting stronger with practice. This week, I was also able to train in my new running shoes (Mizuno Wave Inspire 13’s) and I love the support they provide! While my legs have been out of commission, I’m happy that my feet have not been giving me any problems.

Strength Training
This week, I stuck to a more structured schedule. Run on Monday and Wednesday, hit the gym on Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday, I focused on my back, shoulders and biceps. I almost never give attention to my back and biceps, but it’s been necessary these days to help with posture. On Thursday, I had leg day. Leg day is my favorite gym day, but it’s also the day that leaves me suffering from DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) quite often. I’m not sure if it’s advisable to do squats, dead lifts, and lunges all on the same day, but add calf extensions to the mix and be prepared to struggle walking, sitting, standing and flipping over in bed for the next few days.

Previously, I never worked my calf’s out of a probably irrational fear of having “man calf’s”. Now that I’ve been running, I understand the importance of having those strong calf’s and decided to work them in the gym for the first time. The following two days, I was completely out of commission. I had the hardest time getting my legs to even straighten out. My glutes and hamstrings were tender too, but it’s the calf soreness that I’m not use to. Hopefully, as I continue to work that muscle group, the after effect wont be so intense or last as long. If anyone has any suggestions for how I can help this, let me know in the comments!



I went grocery shopping last Sunday and bought some LARABARS and Cashew Almond Protein-Powered Chocolate Milk. I like the LARABARS because they only have 4 ingredients and they are delicious. They aren’t the highest in protein, but add the milk with it and I’m golden! I chose that specific milk because I love chocolate, but I’m vegan now and regular Almond Milk has almost no protein. The Cashew Almond milk has 10 grams of protein. Perfect for a post-workout snack. I know I should probably eat a better meal after, but I’m typically in a rush once my workout is over. I figured something to refuel my body would be better than nothing.

Before my runs, I have been eating cereal with bananas or oatmeal. On Wednesday, I had peanut-butter, banana toast, and I think having such a heavy duty breakfast significantly helped with my energy levels while running. I have been trying to increase the amount of carbs I have before I run to make sure I’m properly fueled. Going forward, I may include a slice of toast with my cereal/oatmeal to help with that.

Overall, I was hype this week! I’m super proud of myself for getting up and working out early in the day. Rising early has always been a challenge for me, so this is a change I hope to remain consistent with. This was also the first time since I’ve started my training that I’ve actually seen the growth! I’m aware that I can run longer today than I probably could have on day 1, but seeing myself grow from just the week before is a different type of amazing! Being able to persevere for those extra 30 seconds and still have energy left over, compared to the previous week when I was gasping for air at the end of a 2 minute interval says a lot! It motivated me to keep going!!!

Also, although I haven’t been able to run the past few days, I pushed through and completed the 5k Breast Cancer walk on yesterday morning. While I was there, I saw all of the runners nearing the finish line, and all I could do was admire them and picture myself with them. In July, that will be me running across the finish line rather than walking. I cannot wait!

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