Over & Abundantly: When God Comes Through!

It’s funny because I was looking through my older blog posts and just a little over a year ago, I wrote about not having a job or money. Now allow me to be a witness to the goodness of God.

The word says “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33

For me, 2017 has been a year dedicated to seeking God first. Back in December I vowed to try to seek Him first in everything I do as best as I can. I decided to trust God to provide me with everything I need because He is a God of his word and He always keeps His promises. All I have to do is trust Him, seek Him, relax and wait.

Last year I transitioned from my undergrad years in Grand Rapids back home to Metropolitan Detroit area. I needed a new job and did not want to settle for anything less than $12 (I had never made more than $9, so that would have been a satisfying jump for me). Unfortunately, after a month of not having any luck finding work in my field, I decided to stick to what I know and apply for Day Care jobs. I interviewed for a child care position that paid what I was asking which is rare for a part-time child care assistant. I did not get the position. I interviewed for another position and when the interviewer saw that I wanted to get paid $12, she laughed at me and said “is this a joke or are you serious?”. I ended up accepting this position where I made $8.50 an hour. This was a downgrade from where I had been before and not even just financially. The facility was smaller and the management was unprofessional. The staff were immature and no one I was around had ambitions. They had all settled for what they had there. I was unhappy there because I had also settled but knew I was worth more. I was ready to put my degree to use and make more than I did during undergrad. I didn’t spend four years in college to just work in a day care where the supervisor gossips with her young staff about her other staff. Don’t get me wrong — I absolutely love day care, but I had grown to a place where it was time for me to step up to my next level.

Feeling completely out of place and discontent, I began applying for other positions. This time I was determined to find the $12 or higher paying job relevant to my field and this time I decided I want a job that requires a bachelors degree. I sent in two applications. When I heard from the first position, I could not make the open interviews and I did not get a good vibe from the person who reached out to me anyway. I decided to trust God and not stress out about trying to make it work. I knew that whatever is for me will be mine. Soon after, I heard from the second position – a graduate assistant at Wayne State. I was curious as to if this position would pay my tuition, but never asked. The pay was $12 to $16 an hour and it was for 20 hrs a week. This was perfect for me because I could not dedicate more than 20 hours to working anyway. During this entire job search I was nervous I would not be able to find a nice job that would work with my schedule because everyone wants a full time person when it comes to grown up jobs. As a Masters of Social Work student I’m required to do a 16 hour a week field placement, so working full time was out of the question. This position was a perfect fit. My phone interview went well and I got amazing vibes about the supervisors during the in person interview. I was offered the position.

I. Loved. My. New. Job. (and I still do!!!). They only offered me $12 an hour, but that is what my expectation was in the first place. For the first time all year I felt contentment. The environment was so warming and I felt important. Though working in higher education is not directly related to my long term goals, I have learned so much and developed a love for the work we do. I also still get to engage with many individuals on a daily basis and helping people is my ultimate goal. Receiving this job was a reminder that God hears our prayers and when we trust Him, He’ll provide us with what we need. Before this, I had settled for less rather than waiting on God. We have to learn to just be still and let Him work. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future”. Jeremiah 29:11 He has sight beyond what we can see. Why would we lean on our own understanding?

Not only did God keep his promise, he did exceedingly and abundantly for me. When 2017 began and I surrendered my will to Him, He did not waste any time showing me His love for me. During the second week of January, my boss called me into her office and offered me an Assistanship. For those of you who aren’t hype yet, an Assistantship is a monetary award for graduate students that pays most or all of their tuition while working for the department. I was under the impression that our office did not even offer them. My boss told me that she and the program director had been conversing and agreed that I was more than deserving of the award! Not only was this award going to pay my remaining tuition while in grad school, but I also received a raise that came with the award. I thought I would be paid less because they are paying my tuition, but the raise was actually a few dollars more than I was making. If that wasn’t already more than I had ever asked for, the next day the director told me there was a mistake in my award contract and that I would be making even more than that!!! And if that wasn’t already enough, when my new pay actually kicked in, I was getting paid a few more dollars than what I thought I was going to get with the raise!!!

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think…” Ephesians 3:20

There were soo many lessons involved in this. Trust God. Seek Him first. Don’t settle.

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