No Money, No Job.

no job no money

After graduating from a 4 year accredited University, I was excited to find the perfect job. I wasn’t expecting the highest paying job nor was I expecting to jump right into my career as a therapist. I simply wanted a relevant job to my field that would pay me what I felt I deserved (having my bachelors degree and all). I had a sort of confidence in the search and thought the first place I applied would be a winner. No call back. After numerous applications submitted and no calls to set up interviews, I began to feel discouraged. “Perhaps I should settle for whatever I can get” is what I began to think. The gas station, beauty supply & day camp were all hiring near me.

After about two weeks of endless applying, I had come across a job fair that I planned to attend. It was in my field and the pay was right, but I did not feel qualified. I woke up that day feeling uneasy. I went to the store and came across a devotional called God’s Answers for the College Graduate. I read a few scriptures under the heading “He will meet your needs”. It described God’s faithfulness and I began to feel a sense of comfort. I realized I needed to amp up my faith.

Though I was low on funds and did not know when my next form of income would show up, I bought the little blue book as an act of faith. Later that day, I texted a friend describing my current struggle. Within 5 minutes of sending the message, I received my first phone call regarding an interview. My last job was in a day care and I loved it. I only left because I had to move back home after graduation. The call I received was from another day care that is near my house. Their schedule fits my schedule perfectly and the pay just may be exactly what I was aiming for. That was an example of God showing Himself to me. Now all I have to do is ace the interview! What’s for me will be for me and if God has something better, I’ll eventually receive it as well.

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