Stop Forgetting to Say “Thank You”


Sometimes we forget to say “thank you” for the small things. We are all blessed and as clichè as this may sound, it could be worse. Not saying that to undermine anyone’s situation, but I tend to feel better when I focus more on the positives of life. There is always something good happening in our lives even if it is something as minuscule as a warm shower after a long day.

For me, all of my thanks goes to God. It’s easy to thank Him for waking us up this morning, but it is also easy to miss the hidden blessings if you don’t open your eyes to them. I have my own experiences with Him that are too clear and concise for me to not believe in the power of prayer. The way He has worked in my life is more than enough evidence for me and in my opinion, I’d be crazy to not believe what He has shown me. Here are just a few of those small blessings where He has shown Himself and I had to just stop and say “thank you”!

  1. Two years ago I had wanted to get an 80% in what was then the hardest class I had taken in college. It was down to the final exam and I needed to score an 83% to achieve that B-. I prayed and I received an 83.1% on my exam and finished the course with and 80.8%. It could have been coincidental, but it was around that time that I first began to notice God really hearing me and answering me.
  2. Last week I had finally stepped up and organized a meeting with my committee members. I had been getting off of work late for the past two weeks, so I was nervous that I would be late to my own meeting and criticized. I had also planned to take my dinner with me so that I could study in the library after the meeting. Unfortunately, I had left my dinner this day. I prayed for everything to go smoothly for this meeting and God must have heard me and saw my struggle because for the first time in two weeks, not only did I get off work on time, but I got off early! Early enough to run home and grab my dinner before the meeting!
  3. My (ex)best friend and I have not been in the best place lately and have not had a real conversation in weeks! Yesterday in particular he was heavy on my heart. I really missed him that day and hoped that he was doing okay internally. Although I pray for him every night, I had to stop in the middle of my homework to send up one for him. It was a heartfelt prayer and I wanted God to let my best friend know that I still love him even though I have been distant. I wanted him to know that I’m still here to talk if he ever needs it and to know that I haven’t given up on him. We were to the point where we hadn’t called each other in forever. We were to the point where we only speak to one another in public if we make eye contact. Despite the severed ties, about an hour and a half after I prayed, he called me just to see how I was doing.

I am always so amazed when God begins to do his work. It is always so comforting to know that there is someone constantly there for you, listening to you, caring for you and keeping your best interest in mind. See He may not come when you want him to, but He always comes on time. People may suggest I am experiencing a confirmation bias, where I already believe in prayer, so when something happens in my favor I explain it by saying “look at God.” However, I do not see that problem with that. Whether you are spiritual or not, I just want you to remember to be thankful. Yes sometimes there will be things that are displeasing or even traumatic, but there will always be good things happening simultaneously. Next time you are upset that you were fired and dumped all in the same week, try to remind yourself that everything isn’t bad, because your kids still love you and so do your parents (or whatever the case may be in your life). Smile and say thank you.

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