How I Ended Up Here

It all started when I decided I needed a break from social media–like always! By being on home on Christmas Break for three weeks with no social media, I had to find ways to entertain myself. I go to the gym, try to grow my hair out, plan my entire life, make recipe books and play candy crush until I lose all my lives or beat an episode (I can’t be the only one who hates waiting for tickets). It literally got to the point where I made my grandma a Facebook just so she could send me that last ticket I needed to continue my journey.

Simply put, I quickly became bored. I love to write and I’ve been keeping a journal since the 10th grade that I update almost daily. My Instagram captions are often comparable to a novel no matter how brief I aim to be. I have thought about blogging before but never actually pursued it.

I’ve also always wanted to start a YouTube Vlog but the last time I tried I felt weird talking to myself aloud (even though I do that all the time); So instead you can catch young Jourdan on my currently inaccessible YouTube Channel (triplejalways08). Disclaimer: It is indeed embarrassing and you will witness me engaging in tons of non-sense that is to my knowledge permanent since I can no longer log into my account.

YouTube and Google brought me here. Just as I was ready to get serious on my current YouTube, I learned that I can no longer log in. It’s 2016. This had to be God’s way of telling me it’s time for a change. I have a passion for encouraging others and I decided “why not start now”! So here I am. A brand new blogger and I am more excited than ever.

As best said by a close friend of mine – It’s our Nike Year; Just Do It!

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