Stop Forgetting to Say “Thank You”

Sometimes we forget to say "thank you" for the small things. We are all blessed and as clichè as this may sound, it could be worse. Not saying that to undermine anyone's situation, but I tend to feel better when I focus more on the positives of life. There is always something good happening in … Continue reading Stop Forgetting to Say “Thank You”

Wave Goodbye to the Comfort Zone

We all have this safe place. A place where we're content, satisfied with our efforts & confident in what we are currently doing. That feeling tends to bring us peace. But what do we do when it's time to make a decision between being comfortable by staying in our safe place or taking on something … Continue reading Wave Goodbye to the Comfort Zone

Aloneness Vs. Loneliness

Most of us have probably felt that feeling when we're in a room full of people but still feel alone. The feeling when several people have contacted us, but no is the right person. That void--the feeling that something is missing. Nothing is enough. That is the common concept of loneliness, the sad emotion that … Continue reading Aloneness Vs. Loneliness

How To Get Along With Others

Getting along with other people is not always the easiest task. With clashing personalities, it may sometimes be a struggle. I've been able to get along well with mostly anyone I meet but it isn't because I never encounter the personality clash. This may sound like an overstatement or like I act differently with different … Continue reading How To Get Along With Others